Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Queen City of the South day 1

Finally i got the time to make my own blog where I can share my life, the city I grew up in…well, basically anything under the sun.

Since, this will be my first blog, I am going to write about my experience in our first family vacation in Cebu City, Philippines.

January 29,2012. Everyone was still sleepy but excited to leave Davao for a while to visit the Queen City if the South—Cebu. But then, excitement  was quickly replaced with boredom when our flight was delayed for an hour...boo-hoo…

We reached Cebu past lunch time and everyone was already HANGRY (hungry and angry at the same  time) . but, we still have energy to strike a pose and smile  at the camera. ;)

on our way to our first destination...

First stop: Simala Church

The church is 2 hours drive up north from Cebu city

Second stop: Theotokos Shrine

That's how we spent our first day in Cebu. but wait...there's more to come...

Do you still remember your very first family vacation?