Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Playing with colors

Hi everyone! Finally, I got a chance to write a blog again...it's been months!

Anyhow, just last year, I started learning  the "exact" way in doing the things i love- hair and make up. I must admit that I'm still not good nor the best in this field..not yet but SOON! That is why I have to keep on practicing and practicing and practicing.

So, one boring day, she found the excess deflated balloon from my mom's birthday and thought she wants to blow it up and put it on my other sister's hair just for fun. But, my other sister refused to get along and so, the balloon ended up on her hair instead.

Presenting my sister...

Next boring day, I was again in the mood to play on her face..haha!!! and so....

Some of my nail arts that I learned from different tutorials.

pastel ombre

french tip with a twist