Sunday, December 02, 2012

Holiday Activities

It was a short notice holiday activity with my mom, sister, and friends at the Davao Crocodile Park.

People behind the improvements of this place really did a great job! Visiting the place doesn't only end you up watching and taking photos of birds, snakes, crocodiles, etc. but is also an educational/ entertainment tour.

Friday, Saturday, or Sunday is the best day to go and visit the park because of the educational and entertain shows they prepared for the visitors.

At 4:00 p.m., the show starts with an animal show

followed by the Pangil (eye-tooth) encounter.

 After, we witnessed the feeding and dancing of the crocs and the tightrope walking by some trained acrobats. I'm not sure if they really are professional but one thing I'm certain is they scared the hell out of me!.

Some other animals you can see in the park...

bored or sleepy?

Last part of the tour was at Tribu K' Mindanawan - a cultural dance show and FIRE DANCING!!!!!
What a way to end  the tour! Hopefully, I could finish editing the video the meantime, a photo of the fire dance.

Well, that's one tiring but enjoyable tour and that deserves a hearty meal and...

best pork barbeque @ Gerry's Grill Abreeeza

...having more fun!

How did you spend your weekend?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Playing with colors

Hi everyone! Finally, I got a chance to write a blog's been months!

Anyhow, just last year, I started learning  the "exact" way in doing the things i love- hair and make up. I must admit that I'm still not good nor the best in this field..not yet but SOON! That is why I have to keep on practicing and practicing and practicing.

So, one boring day, she found the excess deflated balloon from my mom's birthday and thought she wants to blow it up and put it on my other sister's hair just for fun. But, my other sister refused to get along and so, the balloon ended up on her hair instead.

Presenting my sister...

Next boring day, I was again in the mood to play on her face..haha!!! and so....

Some of my nail arts that I learned from different tutorials.

pastel ombre

french tip with a twist

Friday, September 07, 2012

Gangnam Style

"Hey, sexy lady...Oppa Gangnam Style.." 

A Korean hit, no not hit but a PHENOMENON, dance song that gives everybody a dance of a lifetime. I am a Filipino and I don't understand Korean language other than Kamsahamnida (thank you) Aniyo ( no), and Annyong haseyo? (Good morning) that I get from watching Korean drama. 

I heard this song first  while I was watching It's Showtime when the comedian/actor Vice Ganda  danced a horse dance after cracking a joke. After seeing that episode, I've searched on YouTube about the song because it really stayed on my mind FOR THE WHOLE DAY! but then, I failed. And so, I only have a chance hearing the song from the said show. 

One lazy afternoon, while browsing my YouTube channel for new videos and vlogs, I saw Bubzbeauty's new vlog about Girls vs Girls. But anyway, to make the story short, it is because of this video that I learned the title of the song..ATLAS! 

And so, I searched the song myself and typed "GANGNAM STYLE".... I feel so stupid for thinking it's "GUNDAM STYLE" (facepalm)

This song really gave me LAUGHS and it doesn't need english translation to like the song. Right now, I'm on the challenge in learning the horse dance and it's also a good workout!

What do you think? Are you going to try and do the Gangnam Style?

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Brrrrr Months

Here in the Philippines, September 1 is the day that the Christmas season is just around the corner. Early in the morning, local radio stations play our all-time favorite Christmas songs..isn't it wonderful?


Before talking about the yuletide season, let me give a you a glimpse of what happened to me for the rest of the month of August. I know I haven't been blogging for weeks now because of my hectic schedule. But, anyway, here it goes...

I've mentioned in my last blog about the Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival.  This festival is all about beauty, street dances, floral floats, flowers, and the King of Fruits: DURIAN!

photo credit: Althea Ferraris

                                    Hiyas ng Kadayawan                              
     photo credit: Althea Ferraris

at San Pedro St. after the parade

Add caption

Durian: Smells like hell...tastes like heaven

The highlight of this month was when one of my close friend, Aina,  had her vacation. It was a 2-day event full of catching ups, food, and...getting tipsy? HAHA!!!

sweet Lorraine

dinner @ Moon Cafe

sunrise @ Magallanes Residences

Now that "-ber" months are already here, a bittersweet feeling came over me. but, I'm also excited in planning our Christmas decorations for this year.

Have a fruitful September everyone!

Monday, August 06, 2012

A night of korean food and Bo's coffee

Last Friday night, I had dinner with two of my closest friends for Melissa's post- birthday treat.
We've been craving for korean food so we decided to dine at Manna Korean Restaurant located at Roxas St., Davao City. The first time I was here was perfect- the service and of course, their food.

That night, we ordered bibimbop (beef and mixed vegetable rice), shin ramyun (spicy ramen noodles), and samgyupsal (grilled pork strips). As part of a korean meal, they served us banchan- the staple foods or shall i say appetizers (not sure if this is the correct term). We managed to to eat everything and requested for another round, since it is refillable, when we realized it took much time for our food to be served and we could hear our stomach crying for more...but still we waited...

Atlas! Main course came.

Shin ramyun was served first. Yey! finally. Samgyupsal came soon as the waiter left our table, me and my friends look at each other and give each other a "what the h-" look. Samgyupsal is described as GRILLED pork strips but instead we got this...

the pork cutlets, i repeat-cutlets (not strips), were sauteed or fried. We still have to drain the cutlets with a table napkin just to get rid off the oil.

after several minutes...
Yes. We somehow managed to eat up everything...maybe because we are so hungry that time-haha!

After dinner, we went to SM City Davao to have coffee. We saw that Bo's Coffee just opened at SM Annex and decided to go there instead.

White Chocolate Mocha for me <3
 Melissa's birthday cake...

She actually requested for this Rocky Road Cake from Starbucks and spoil our surprise for her in the process..haha!


The King of Festivals is already  here- Kadayawan. Some activities and events such as Agri-Trade Fair and street food event had already started last August 1, 2012. I will be posting photos about this festival soon but, if you are currently in Davao City or still bound for this wonderful city, make sure you go out, participate, and enjoy the city has to offer.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!  

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Queen of the South day 4 & 5

January 31, 2012. Almost everyone was awake as early as 5:30 am just to make the most out of Panglao Island. It was heartbreaking to not make the most out of this paradise so we have to do everything before our van would pick us at 7:00 am.

Back to the city...

When we got back to the city, we went to Plantation Bay but just for a site visit.

February 1, 2012. We left Sampaguita Suites at around 4:30 a.m. and headed straight to the airport.

at Mactan International Airport waiting...

Me: trying so hard to look cute and pretty
Sister: sabotaging my momentum

reading a magazine during the flight with an article about my hometown 
We left Cebu City with smiles and full of memories but hungered for more..haha! I am definitely coming back especially to Panglao Island. So, if you are planning to go to Cebu City, make it a point to put Panglao Island in your itinerary and stay there for a day or two...or three... :)

I hope you enjoyed my "vacation series" to start my blog and looking forward to share more things about everything...all you have to do is just hit the "Join this site" button. Thanks!