Monday, August 06, 2012

A night of korean food and Bo's coffee

Last Friday night, I had dinner with two of my closest friends for Melissa's post- birthday treat.
We've been craving for korean food so we decided to dine at Manna Korean Restaurant located at Roxas St., Davao City. The first time I was here was perfect- the service and of course, their food.

That night, we ordered bibimbop (beef and mixed vegetable rice), shin ramyun (spicy ramen noodles), and samgyupsal (grilled pork strips). As part of a korean meal, they served us banchan- the staple foods or shall i say appetizers (not sure if this is the correct term). We managed to to eat everything and requested for another round, since it is refillable, when we realized it took much time for our food to be served and we could hear our stomach crying for more...but still we waited...

Atlas! Main course came.

Shin ramyun was served first. Yey! finally. Samgyupsal came soon as the waiter left our table, me and my friends look at each other and give each other a "what the h-" look. Samgyupsal is described as GRILLED pork strips but instead we got this...

the pork cutlets, i repeat-cutlets (not strips), were sauteed or fried. We still have to drain the cutlets with a table napkin just to get rid off the oil.

after several minutes...
Yes. We somehow managed to eat up everything...maybe because we are so hungry that time-haha!

After dinner, we went to SM City Davao to have coffee. We saw that Bo's Coffee just opened at SM Annex and decided to go there instead.

White Chocolate Mocha for me <3
 Melissa's birthday cake...

She actually requested for this Rocky Road Cake from Starbucks and spoil our surprise for her in the process..haha!


The King of Festivals is already  here- Kadayawan. Some activities and events such as Agri-Trade Fair and street food event had already started last August 1, 2012. I will be posting photos about this festival soon but, if you are currently in Davao City or still bound for this wonderful city, make sure you go out, participate, and enjoy the city has to offer.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!  


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You guys are so sweet! The Rocky Road Cake was sooo good! Thank you for the sweet treat! This was definitely one of the best birthdays I've ever had.

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